busta move for the holiday…yeah you heard me right

So it's Christmas or at least it will be soon. I've been more than a little blue about  the prospect I'll admit. Then I  had an epiphany. Many of the Christmas traditions that we are familiar with have roots in the pagan celebration of Midwinter Solstice. The burning of  a Yule log is a good... Continue Reading →

Winter Song

Inspired by track 73 on my Project Playlist account. Christmas is fast approaching and even though it looks like it won't be near as desolate as I once  feared one fact remains, I will most probably spend Christmas alone. This is not to say that I won't see my family, I will. As thankful as... Continue Reading →

so the leaves fall

Winter is almost upon us and with that Thanksgiving and  Christmas loom larger every day. This year Thanksgiving will be meager at best.  With the lack of income this year Christmas is just another day in the calender  . Seeing the profusion of decorations, ornaments and outdoor lights that are now in stores is just... Continue Reading →

The Empire State Building Perspective

I remember standing on the observation deck of the Empire State Building as a sophomore in high school very clearly. I remember that the cars looked like ants.  Eight million ant like people hurrying home after a busy day,completely oblivious to 30 curious tourists so far above them. Years after that trip I am amazed... Continue Reading →

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