busta move for the holiday…yeah you heard me right

Beacon (Montol Festival, Penzance)

So it’s Christmas or at least it will be soon. I’ve been more than a little blue about  the prospect I’ll admit. Then I  had an epiphany. Many of the Christmas traditions that we are familiar with have roots in the pagan celebration of Midwinter Solstice. The burning of  a Yule log is a good example of a “borrowed” tradition.  In British/ Celtic pagan  tradition Midwinter involved a large bonfire being  lit, among other things. December 25th is largely considered the longest night of the year although the longest night this year is the 21st. Anyway, that bonfire I mentioned was meant to remind people that even at the darkest, coldest times of year Spring was still coming. All the days after that get progressively longer and brighter. So if like me  you have been  ambivalent about the upcoming holiday because the less than stellar economy has taken a large toll on your ability  to feel festive, chin up, it will get better soon. That’s what the New Year is for, a fresh start.  So I suggest putting on a warm coat and getting a cup of your favorite hot drink and brainstorming ideas about how to make the next year awesome. I bet you can lay some of the groundwork for your project now. If you can it will make you feel even better and help chase away the feeling that you’re doing nothing except a lot of waiting.

In case anybody wonders the post title came from track 105 on my Project Playlist account,the Glee cast version of Bust A Move.


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