so this is Christmas…

Our Christmas tree at night.
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Tomorrow should be interesting.  It is the first time in my whole life that we will not have a Christmas tree of any sort, or at least I think so unless someone decides to raid a tree lot while I am asleep for a Charlie Brown tree.  Believe me my folks are just crazy enough to get away with it.  I already know what I’m getting from my parents, a Kindle from, unfortunately due to the fact that mom got her check today and I swear there is not one to be had within a 20 mile radius of our house, yes they really do sellout that quickly, I will have to wait until next Thursday to get it.  Oh well, a few days will not hurt me.  I gave myself a present in the form of a new set of headphones with a working microphone to replace the one that has had the microphone busted for six months.  Fortunately I have not been completely out of luck as my web cam has a built in microphone of its own.  I have however noticed that my speech recognition works much better with a headset microphone.I am no longer being driven crazy with having to correct every third word or so.  I went to see my cousins last week as one of them is about to tie the knot.  I hope my cousin’s fiancé realizes that he is inheriting really crazy in-laws. I am also faced with the coming New Year, to say that this year did not go nearly as well as hoped for is a vast understatement.  The only thing which seems to have gone anywhere near as planned was purchasing my bike and Little Man.  I seem to receive more than my fair share of the short end of the stick. Since life doesn’t appear to want to give me much support in attaining my goals I refuse to wait for help which may or may not appear.  In the coming year I will do what I must to get where I want to be and if the decisions I make in order to help me get there are unpopular with certain people I know, so be it.  I refuse to let other people run my life even if they mean well, which most of them do.  I’m a grown adult more than capable of making my own decisions.  Not every decision I have ever made on my own has been stellar I admit that they are mine and should be inherently respected. in the coming year I will not allow anyone to dissuade me from a path just because they may not like what I am trying to accomplish, this does not mean that I will not listen to advice and weigh the merits of it, but do not assume that my decision will change just because you happen to disagree with me. I am not a rug to be walked over,nor is my voice easy to silence anymore.  A friend that I have known for a very long time recently told someone that I have been very opinionated from a young age and did not mind telling you exactly what I thought.  I believe it is time for that girl to make an appearance once again.


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