day twenty four: swimming against the current, or trying not to drown

I have come to realize that dealing with depression is similar to being sucked into a riptide.  No matter how hard you try, no matter how hard you may thrash you are not escaping that way.  The problem with depression is that you can get sucked into a dark and sightless pit of despair before... Continue Reading →

Day twenty three: waiting… it never seems to end

Have you ever felt like the minutes in your life serve no greater purpose than to lie in a heap the bottom of an hourglass?  That is how I feel right now.  I'm  waiting to get my cart fixed.I'm waiting to see if an endeavor I started at the beginning of the year bears the... Continue Reading →

Day twenty two:Fireworks

A small unprepossessing horse, or so you might believe.  My friends, there you would be sadly mistaken.  Inside the small package is the heart and will of a harness racer.  Even after two broken legs I would not trade him for all the money you could ever pay me.  He will carry me out of... Continue Reading →

Squirrel Appreciation Day

That's right folks... today or yesterday depending on when you read this is/was squirrel appreciation Day.  The day when we have to admit that even though they may eat our strawberries, irritate our dogs beyond belief, and dive bomb our heads with assorted varieties of nuts,they are pretty cute, the pests.

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