New Year’s resolutions and a little bit of a retrospective thrown in

2010 New Year's ball
Image by macetech via Flickr

I have noticed in the past year that while I call myself a writer I lack consistency.  I allow things like depression provide me with a ready-made excuse not to write.  I tell myself that I am”too busy” to write that morning or what ever time of day it happens to be.  I’m 25 years old, still living with my parents, without a job and most of the bills are not my responsibility.  I’ve heard many people say that if only they lived my life, were one very similar to it, then they would be able to write to their heart’s content. The question that may occur to you at this point is why if I live in what some would consider a writer’s paradise why don’t I write more?  The honest answer is… wait for it… I’m lazy.  Well no more.  Starting today, this the second day of January in the Year of Our Lord 2011, I commit myself to writing at least one post a day in this blog for the next year.  I also promise that not every post will start off sounding like a English history book penned in a monastery!

I’m not proud of too many things that have happened over the past year, it has definitely not been the year I hoped it would be at the beginning.  That being said the thing of which I’m most proud in the past year is my Little Man, he is the light at the end of the tunnel and despite a few rather annoying setbacks I know we will go far.


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