day eight : the antithesis of conventional and what she taught society, both French and American

photo of the actor and actress who portrayed Julia and Paul Childs taken from

I’ve just finished watching the movie Julie and Julia.  I’ve seen it several times and each time have come away with something different.  For those who have not seen the movie  it is about one woman’s attempt to cook her way through Mastering the Art of French Cooking in one year and keep a blog of the process.  Simultaneously we watch as Julia Child herself learns to cook in France and eventually publish the aforementioned book One of the things which caused me to laugh was a point in the movie at which Julia calls herself conventional. I think history and most especially I would have to disagree with her.Julia Child flew in the face of at that point, modern convention in France as well as America  When her father learned that she was going to cooking school he offered to give her money to hire a cook, which would have entirely defeated the point of going to cooking school but was definitely the norm for women of her social class.  I believe her television show The  French  Cook was one of the first cooking shows with a female host, however I’m only 25 so if there’s someone older than me who can correct me on that statement please feel free to do so.  Julia made upscale French cooking accessible to anyone regardless if the person learning from her felt particularly upscale themselves  Watching her show people learned  that making mistakes is an acceptable part of cooking. Not everyone is perfect but if you have a passion or dream it is attainable and, no matter what anyone else may tell you, there is no such thing as a frivolous dream.


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