day nine: Winter is coming…

George RR Martin at the Comicon
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I am aware that it is well past the beginning of winter that is actually a quote from the book series by George R. R. Martin which begins was the first book entitled A Game of  Thrones. I borrowed the first four books from my sister’s boyfriend and except for the fact that I I am pretty sure he would come looking for me if I didn’t return them at some point I probably wouldn’t. I borrowed the books while my mom and I were  in Atlanta for my cousin’s bachelorette party  I’m only about two thirds of the way through the first book and I’m already enthralled, the world he has created is absolutely amazing.  I was completely and pleasantly shocked to discover that HBO is making a television series out of the books this coming April.  Thank goodness for being able to watch television online because otherwise I would go crazy not being able to watch it because I unfortunately cannot afford to pay for HBO.I already have favorite characters including the younger brother of the Queen who happens to be a dwarf. Tyrion, despite plotting  of his older brother and sister definitely seems to be a fairly decent man and may be  will turn out to be one of the”good guys” of the story though I am under no illusion that any of the characters in the series have purely philanthropic motives for anything they do.  The other character I like a whole lot is Lord Starks youngest son Bran, short for Brandon.  Bran suffers a fall  early on in the book which results in a broken back.  For anyone who has been reading this blog for even a little while it is probably not too hard to guess why I like those two in particular, disabled characters written with strength and grit are relatively few and far between.  Writers, just like mundane people, often fall into the trap of characterizing all disabled people as saccharine sweet and without a substantial thought in their head  I am glad that Tyrion  cannot at this point be classified as a good or bad person, and  that Bran   is not having the easiest time acclimating to his new self, it makes both characters seem closer to being flesh and blood humans which I greatly appreciate.  Winter may be coming  but I for one  am more than ready.


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