day fourteen: a story of a blended family forged during World War II

she didn't have to love me but I'm glad she did

The woman in this photograph is my great-grandmother Betty Prophet. I suppose I should be completely accurate and say she is my step great-grandmother because she was my great-grandfather’s second wife but that is something I forget most of the time because his first wife died when my mother was still little, therefore she is the only great-grandmother I ever knew.  I did not know until last week that my grandmother’s first husband and my grandfather were ever on speaking terms, but apparently at some point they were,in one of their conversations they were discussing World War II, which they had both served in a slightly different points.  Grandma’s first husband had been a pilot and was telling my grandfather how he had been shot down and had to repair the plane by himself with only the verbal help of a man in the United States who worked in the factory where the planes were manufactured and sent back to for repair when they got damaged  Before Sam could explain what had gone wrong with the plane, and what the mechanic had told him in order to fix it so he could get home my grandfather finished the story.  Lo and behold, before my grandfather’s draft number came up he had worked in the factory that produced the plane Sam flew and was the very same mechanic who walked in the third of the repairs of his plane  and made it possible for him to return safely run behind enemy lines and eventually return home.  No one was more shocked them those two men  The world works in mysterious ways and in this story lies one of its proofs


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