day thirty one: the things I regret that I wish I didn’t

The Kids Are All Right (film)
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When the movie The Kids Are All Right came out and I saw the first trailer walking past the TV I stopped in my tracks.  It was as though someone was holding me there, unable to move until it was finished.  I was immediately reminded of my ex-boyfriend’s family, which bears at least a superficial  resemblance to the family in the story. I immediately wanted to see it with them because I wanted to know if they thought it was a good movie.  The only problem with this idea is that I’m not on very easy speaking terms with their son.  I left him and I am ashamed to admit that it could have been done with a lot more class than I used.  As a result the boy who probably counted as my best friend in high school can barely speak to me without crying.  I don’t regret that I left but how I left, because in doing so I am afraid that I created a rift too wide to ever bridge again with some of the few people outside of my family who believe I am worth much. I try not to regret the mistakes I have made in life but that is most definitely one of them. For what it’s worth I’m sorry.


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