Maroon spotted yellow Orchids
Image by Swamibu via Flickr

Spring is just around the corner or so they tell me.  It is hard to believe  some mornings but I hold out hope that they may be right.  For me that means getting the bike out of the garage again and doing battle with the hill my driveway is on and an overprotective parent who seems to have an objection every time I want to do something remotely physical since I broke my legs in September .  Sometimes I wonder how old I will have to be before people stop second-guessing me and the choices I make.  Considering my age now and the fact that it still happens on a regular basis I doubt it will be any time soon.  Such is my life.Well they can’t keep me in bubble wrap forever.


2 thoughts on “day thirty nine: it’s almost here, maybe, Spring that is

  1. I am 25 and I think I will have to be 48 before it is a considered though I might be trustworthy. 🙂

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