day 47: keeping up with the Energizer bunny

Energizer Bunny
Image by Tammy Green (aka Zesmerelda) via Flickr

Today I had the bright idea to suggest we take my helper’s two-year-old daughter with as to the barn to see the horse.  I won’t say it was a bad idea because she enjoyed herself and so did the rest of us.  I will say however, that I am glad I am not yet a parent because somehow the little girl has acquired the energy of the Energizer bunny.  She was not badly behaved but you had to keep up with her so she wouldn’t be underfoot and that was extremely challenging at points because she wanted to see EVERYTHING.  I’m glad we took the trip but I’m also glad it is done.


Day 46: after a hiatus of sorts I am still here

Golden Retriever Puppy
Image via Wikipedia

To say that these past months have been hectic is barely scratching the surface.I’ve become an “executive assistant” for a friend.  I am perfectly happy to use the word secretary but I’m not allowed to do that.  I did get back on my medicine which definitely helps but there are still days where I have to bully myself to get out of bed.  I think I know how being stuck in quicksand feels, at least emotionally.  On the bright side my dad agreed to let me get a golden retriever puppy to train as my service dog, you could have knocked me over with a feather.  I feel like my whole life is one long string of “hurry up and wait”. I’m trying to make the best of it though.  The pups aren’t allowed to leave home for another month, June 4 to be exact.  I feel as though I will explode or go crazy before then though I know I won’t. I’m not relying on myself to train the puppy, I’m paying a professional.  For anybody who doesn’t know it will take somewhere between a year and a half and two years before she is fully trained and in the end it will not be exactly what most people call “cheap” by any means but if  she allows me to finally move out of my parents house I consider that priceless and well worth the time and money spent.