day 48: children and puppies are very much alike

Golden Retriever
Image by rkleine via Flickr

I know I am long overdue to post an update, better late than never and I hope anyone reading this will forgive me.  I am now the owner of a purebred golden retriever who can trace his family tree at least as far back as I can.I have never had a purebred dog before I got him, believe it or not, it is quite an adjustment. The other thing that initially threw me for a loop it is the fact that the puppy is male.  I had originally requested a female but fate decided to change my plans for me.  So now I have Gideon, a 3 1/2 month old Golden who may very well be the smartest puppy I have ever met.  I’m still adjusting to the fact that he is my dog.  My mom does do things like take them outside for bathroom breaks, feed him, and cleanup the remarkably occasional accident.  But Gideon is definitely my dog.  I make sure that his vet appointments are kept and that everything he needs is paid for.  I remind people to put his food and water down and pick it back up so the cat does not try and eat the puppy Chow which apparently cats like.  The longer he is with me the more I am reminded of how much puppies and children are alike.  Keeping up with him is insane at times but I think the trade-off of watching him learn and grow into his awesome potential is well worth it. Disclaimer: the Golden retriever in this picture is not Gideon.


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