Day 49: my routine and I and why our relationship is strained

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

The above statement can be found in the prompt section of the web site for National Blog Posting Month.  In case anyone is interested they publish a new prompt every day Monday through Friday.  This happens to be the prompt for Wednesday.  The first thing I do every morning is probably something a lot of people do, I pet  my dog.  Every morning Gideon places his front paws on my mattress and pops his head up over the edge like a jack in the box, always with a smile on his face.  This is not the part of my routine that I would wish changed, it’s everything after that.  I can’t just get up and get on with my day, instead I must tolerate the necessity of someone first pulling me into a sitting position and then transferring me my electric wheelchair, not to mention the indignity of being dressed like a dull, though thankfully I can choose my own clothing.If I wished to change the piece of furniture on which I’m sitting I must once again be physically lifted out of my wheelchair and to the desired piece of furniture.  The whole thing becomes very exasperating to everyone involved very quickly so I usually stay in my wheelchair most of the time.  Even in the short time I have had himI have learned to appreciate Gideon and his happy Jack in the box routine every morning very much.  It is by far the best part of my day.


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