Day 50: 2020 hindsight or the things I wish I knew back then

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When I set out to write this post originally the topic was on a completely different subject.  However before I had even written the first paragraph something changed.  I began talking to a friend of mine who I’ve known since high school, to say that neither one of us is where we thought we’d be at this point in our lives is an understatement.  I remember when we were in high school, we all swore to keep in touch no matter what life threw at us.  I am sad to admit that I’m just as guilty of not keeping that promise as anyone else.  I am sadder still to say how many friends I believed would be there to the end turned out to be nothing more than fair weather friends.  Some of us had a rough way to go after graduation and as I watched people turn their backs on the people they had promised to stand behind I grieved.  These were not the people I believed them to be.  I wish I had known then what I know now.  If nothing else I wish I had known enough to try and shoulder some of the pain. I know now that true friends abandon you just because being a friend becomes difficult.  A true friend does not condemn you for falling into a pit of your own making but instead lends a hand to help you out of the pit and stays there for as long as you scratch, claw, and fight your way out.  A true friend is there to clasp your hand and pull you out of the dark, to stand linking with you at the light of day.  I did all I could in high  school but that was precious little indeed.  I hope now, being older and knowing things I didn’t know before I may become a better friend, one who will face a darkness that is not their own with an outstretched hand knowing that somewhere within the darkness there is a friend.


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