Day 51 : Dave Matthews Band and me, an excerpt from the soundtrack of my life

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I was introduced to the Dave Matthews Band when I was in high school.  Since that introduction I have continued to listen to the artist’s music even though I admittedly can’t tell you which song comes from which album.  As sometimes happens, I was originally introduced to the music through a friend of mine who I swear carried a guitar with him pretty much all the time.  The song I remember the best was “Crash Into Me,” the lyrics of which I will refrain from posting just in case someone reading this finds them just a little bit beyond risqué.I remember listening to it on the radio and like most people I got some of the words wrong, so because I knew Chad knew the song well enough to get the lyrics right I asked him to play it for me.  Suffice it to say that I very quickly recognized where my mistakes had been and was quite red in the face as a result.  After graduation we all scattered, and promises that were meant to be kept were forgotten on all sides.  In spite of all this every time I hear that song I think of Chad and the teasing I got for blushing at the lyrics.  He is all the way in California now on I’m still in Tennessee but I have found that in spite of the distance he is a better friend to me than many we know who still live here. For better or worse we are not the people we were in high school but because of that song I’m a better person than I would have been.


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