Day 71: The String Story

In an effort to be slightly more cheerful than I have been of late I bring you The String Story.Have you ever found yourself laughing at something so mundane that other people laugh just because they think your reaction is funny?  I have a friend who speaks with an Irish accent because he spent a... Continue Reading →

day 70: some people want to sail the sea… I would settle for Martha’s Vineyard in a heartbeat

This was not the post I had intended on writing when I woke up this morning.  The post I meant to write was for more cheerful and upbeat,I suppose you could compare this post to a ship in a bottle.  Of course I don't mean a literal ship in a bottle.  The ship in my... Continue Reading →

Day 67:The short bus story

I attended public school for most of my compulsory education.  I also had the dubious fortune of riding what was commonly known as "the short bus."  For those of you who may be unfamiliar with this piece of slang, the short bus is a mildly derogatory name for the bus that the special needs students... Continue Reading →

Day 66: Knock, knock….

August 16 National Tell a Joke Day at Holiday Insights Looking up obscure celebrated days I found there was an actual Tell a Joke Day and its today. So make someone laugh today., and please no crossing the road jokes.......those are awful.

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