Day 54: I am a mobile writer, or soon will be

AlphaSmart Neo
Image by StarbuckGuy via Flickr

Soon I will no longer have to be tethered to my desk top in order to write. While I DO have a standard laptop thanks to very kind computer rebuilding friend of mine…it Still does not have a word processing program because I can’t get on the internet to download Open Office due to the fact that it is not wi-fi enabled yet because nobody has bought or installed the hardware yet.  Besides I care too much about that laptop to risk dropping it, which I am prone to do. So I went looking for the device I used in high school, called an AlphaSmart.   It’s made of plastic, has no moving parts that can break if dropped and runs off AA batteries which are easily gotten at Walmart. It will take a few weeks but it’s coming.I will save my annoyance about the apparent inability  to get a wi-fi card for a later post perhaps.


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