Day 55: the ink debate… or why I got a tattoo and will probably get a few more

In answer to the prompt would you get a tattoo found at The Daily Post blog here on WordPress my answer is yes I have.  I currently have a blue rose with the Welsh word for sweetheart written in calligraphy script on my left arm, much to my grandmother’s continuous dismay and disappointment.  As most people who read this blog are already aware I am disabled, because I am physically disabled many people mistakenly believe I am mentally deficient as well.  It is a constant battle not to end up screaming at wall meaning strangers when they automatically speak to me on the same level as they would an elementary school child. Since anybody wishing to get a tattoo as to sign a form stating that they are mentally aware enough to make that decision my  rose effectively shows people that I’m not as slow as I may first appear.  I am seriously considering getting a few more mostly because I like tattoos and the designs, like my rose before them, would represent people, things, and events in my life which are very important to me.


4 thoughts on “Day 55: the ink debate… or why I got a tattoo and will probably get a few more

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  1. I would never get a tattoo myself, but I like learning about the different reasons others have for getting theirs – and the meaning behind them. Now I know why your URL is bluerosegirl. 🙂

  2. I have had this blog for over two years and the tattoo for nearly as long and I believe you are the first person to ever figure that out without me having to explain first 🙂

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