Day 59: “you can’t handle the truth” or why I am not always truthful

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Do you always tell the truth?

When we are small we’re taught to always be truthful and that lying is bad, the world was just that simple.  As we get older we realize that the world doesn’t only see things in black-and-white like we are taught in kindergarten, at some point most of us are introduced to the “social lie.”  I wouldn’t be surprised if this phenomenon originated in the South.  How many times have newly married guys ate second helpings of a burnt supper rather than tell their wives that the dog shouldn’t even be allowed to eat it?  I know the least a few men who have admitted to doing that.How often does someone internally marvel at a friend’s lack of taste in clothes but grin and tell them they looked wonderful?  My sister is an exception to that statement if she thinks you look bad she will tell you… in the nicest way possible, but trust me you will know… she has done it to me.  There are certain things about my life that my grandmother does not know, it is better for the entire family that she doesn’t because it might literally worry her sick.  I don’t technically lie to her… if she asked me a direct question I would answer truthfully.  However I will do my best to avoid those particular subjects for as long as I’m able.  I learned a long time ago to appreciate the military concept of “need to know” information.  I still believe it is wrong to lie in most cases, you should always tell your parents when you wreck the car, drink a little too much at a party, or take $10 out of the mother’s purse.  As a sidenote, lying to the police is just plain stupid, because nine times out of 10 they know you’re lying before its half way out of your mouth, just don’t do it.  That having been said, I admit to being no stranger to the occasional social falsehood.  At least I’m not the only one.


One thought on “Day 59: “you can’t handle the truth” or why I am not always truthful

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  1. All of this is very true. Sometimes it’s safer to tell the “social lie” than to tell the truth, especially if it’s going to seriously hurt another person’s feelings and get them mad at you. I wish I was one of those brave people who could tell the truth no matter what, though.

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