days 63: some people should not work in the school system, or a letter to a person who damaged me

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Taken from prompt 84 at creative writing .
Mrs. Polk:

I have decided to tell you something I should’ve said a long time ago.  I despise you.  I know that you didn’t like having to help me in the fifth grade.  Guess what?  I didn’t particularly like needing your help either, trust me it’s not fun having a teachers aide following you around the whole year like some sort of subtly malevolent paid shadow. Yes, you did your job, you help me write assignments and assisted me in the bathroom but you made me feel awful about myself at the same time.  You told me I shouldn’t  wear jeans because you found them inconvenient.  You got frustrated with my lack of understanding in math and made sure that I understood that the times we stayed in at recess to practice  you considered it the punishment because I was obviously lazy.  I don’t remember playing at recess at all in fifth grade come to think of it, because I was either struggling with math or you did not want to push my chair through the wood shavings on the playground, therefore I was relegated to reading on the sidewalk beside the teachers bench.  I don’t mind reading but all I wanted to be was the same as my classmates.  It wasn’t like I was asking you to take me out of my chair and put me on the swingset or anything, I wasn’t, I learned long ago that there are other things I can get people to do with me that are just as fun.  The problem was because you insisted that I remain separated from everyone else just because you didn’t want to run the risk of getting wood chips in your shoes the rest of my classmates thought I was standoffish.  Believe it or not they still thought that in high school which made it almost as bad as elementary school.  I don’t say anything about middle school  because I was homeschooled for it, largely because your poisonous attitude ruined my self-esteem.I don’t care that your job description was atypical of a teachers aid one of the implicit directives within that job description is to help and encourage students.  You failed me miserably in that department.  I really believed that I was a daily and constant burden to you,a pebble in your shoe which you only bothered with because it meant a pay check.

You may be interested to know that I went back to mainstream school for high school.  Fortunately for me the teacher’s aide I got then was absolutely nothing like you and while my high school experience was far less than stellar at least by the time I graduated (with a 3.0 GPA in spite of my problems with math thank you) I believed she was proud of me and in some way loved me.  So I leave you with this final thought, I hope that when you have to go into a nursing home because you can no longer take care of your self the nurses who take care of you are nothing like you were  to me. If they are I hope you remember every day how awful you were to me and realize that what ever it is you’re going through you deserve every bit of it.



2 thoughts on “days 63: some people should not work in the school system, or a letter to a person who damaged me

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  1. I honestly don’t know why some teachers teach if they don’t enjoy it. Teaching isn’t something you’d do for the money either, since it doesn’t pay much at all.

    I think that if you don’t enjoy being with kids and don’t care about their success, you absolutely should not be a teacher. Kids can always pick up on negative attitudes.

    Sometimes I don’t think adults realize that what they say or do can have a very strong impact on kids and really hurt them.

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