Cover of "The Green Mile"
Cover of The Green Mile

I’m currently reading Stephen King’s The Green Mile, on which the movie starring Tom Hanks and Michael Clarke Duncan is based.  For the most part I am not too much of a fan of Stephen King at all.  I am 26 and still cry at scary movies.  I have not and will never see or read either The Shining  or Carrie. That having been said I think the film adaptation of The Green Mile is one of the rare adaptations that is almost as good as the original book.  I haven’t got all the way through the original book yet but so far I am thoroughly enjoying it. I can relate to Paul as he finds people at the retirement home in which he now lives and is putting to paper the story behind the last execution he oversaw and people he knew while still working as a prison guard.I find it slightly ironic that I picked up this particular book in August when the heat is most often terrible here when the book continually references an unseasonably warm fall.  I’m also planning on reading The Colorado Kid, the Stephen King book on which Haven, one of my favorite television series is based on. I’m beginning to wonder if my reading habits will be permanently altered in some way.  Insert Twilight Zone music here.


3 thoughts on “Day 69: reading The Green Mile, a partial review and commentary on summer climate in the South United States

  1. I love Stephen King. I read The Green Mile, but haven’t seen the movie. Carrie (the book and the movie) was very good – and Needful Things was really amazing.

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