day 70: some people want to sail the sea… I would settle for Martha’s Vineyard in a heartbeat

Image by Jens Dahlin via Flickr

This was not the post I had intended on writing when I woke up this morning.  The post I meant to write was for more cheerful and upbeat,I suppose you could compare this post to a ship in a bottle.  Of course I don’t mean a literal ship in a bottle.  The ship in my analogy is representative of a dream that short of a miracle I will probably never see fulfilled, the bottle is my disability, that which keeps me from reaching my dream.  At first glance the ship in a bottle analogy may seem strange so let me tell a story which might put it in a different perspective.  When my mother was 16 she got the opportunity to go on a church field trip.  While on the trip she got to help sail an honest to goodness 19th century schooner ship,The Shenandoah. She was a historical replica of schooner ships in general, not of any specific sunken ship.A significant amount of time has passed since my mother was 16 but that weeklong trip around Martha’s Vineyard is still one of the top five things she has ever done in her life, needless to say I heard a lot about it growing up.  I think I actually love that ship almost as much as my mother. There is one major rub to this story, over the years trips on the Shenandoah have become something of a family tradition, my mother’s younger brother went this summer after she did and his daughter went when she turned 17.  My sister has not ever been on the Shenandoah but I have never really known if it was because she didn’t have any interest in going or whether Mom wouldn’t send her because she thought it would be unfair to me if my sister went when I couldn’t.  The real bummer about 19th-century schooners is that they are not handicap accessible., and for the sake of historical accuracy cannot be made so.  I suspect my earlier analogy makes sense now.  Mom recently read a story about the relaunching of the Shenandoah after being in dry dock for repairs.  I’m not quite certain who cried more, me or her. To Captain Morgan and his crew, I wish you fair winds and calm seas(but not too calm) I’m glad with all my heart that the beautiful lady sails on.To anybody else: if you’re ever close to Martha’s Vineyard lookup The Black Dog Tall Ships, I have it on good authority that you will never forget the experience.


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  1. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again very soon!

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