Day 71: The String Story

Semi-Solid Green Yarn
Image by marlana via Flickr

In an effort to be slightly more cheerful than I have been of late I bring you The String Story.Have you ever found yourself laughing at something so mundane that other people laugh just because they think your reaction is funny?  I have a friend who speaks with an Irish accent because he spent a lot of his time growing up with relatives in Ireland.  Most of the time you can barely hear the accent, except when he drinks.  The more he drinks the thicker and more pronounced his accent becomes.  Before I was unceremoniously kicked to the curb in college (for a reason I would like to point out had very little to do with my grades and more to do with politics) a group of us used to get together on the weekends and hang out off-campus because the university itself is dry.  I cannot remember in one context or for what reason the word string came up but it did and for some reason the fact that his accent was very noticeable caused me to completely lose it.  I think I laughed for almost 10 minutes without stopping, which in turn caused everyone else to crack up.  After that all he or his cousin, who can affect a very good Irish accent herself had to do to get me to spontaneously burst into laughter is say the word string in the thickest Irish brogue either of them can manage.  It still works and I have no clue why.


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