Day 73: thoughts on child free spaces from an admittedly childless young adult and a postscript

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Recently I have discovered that there is something of a debate about whether businesses have the right to set a minimum age for children within their establishment. I believe I should first say that I’m 26 and have no children of my own nor do I plan on having them in the extremely near future at least.In spite of that I do like children very much I am the last person you will find making purposefully discriminatory statements. However I believe that adults  with and without children are entitled to “child free” areas. I have heard from several parents of young children in my acquaintance that there are times when a completely adult conversation is paramount to their continued sanity. Completely adult in this instance encompasses a time frame in which the eyes that seem to attach themselves to the back of your head at the onset of parenthood can sleep, and your superhero cape can be left at home underneath your socks in the bottom drawer of your dresser. I applaud parents for their sometimes superhuman efforts in raising their children but to all the parent bloggers out there who are muttering about “child discrimination” don’t you think you deserve a small increment of time in which to remember that you were a person long before your children came around? I think sometimes parents have the tendency to forget that they were functioning beings before their infant/toddler/preschooler was here. My suggestion: get a babysitter for the night and at least once a month enjoy a conversation which is comprised wholly of words and not punctuated with high-pitched emotional sound half the time. If your favorite restaurant happens to have a minimum age and you foresee giving up your absolute favorite dish forever take heart, it’s not forever. Personally I might consider letting my child believe that the nice restaurant dinner on their sixth or seventh birthday was my present to them when actually it would be a present to myself.
Now a note to anyone who has a mind to or is currently following this blog about the next few weeks: I have just updated my speech recognition software and until we get used to each other there might be some really bizarre phrases that accidentally get put in print. I beg your indulgence for about the next month.

5 thoughts on “Day 73: thoughts on child free spaces from an admittedly childless young adult and a postscript

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  1. The problem for me is that USSociety has become essentially a child=adult segregated society. Not good for our children. Studies show that children who are surrounded by mostly other children are more aggressive and anti-social not only while a child or a teen but as they move into adulthood. Crying babies and rude children seem to me to be the major problem. Crying babies should be removed from the environment by parents. Rude children are also a problem parents need to deal with, but sadly there are just as many rude adults. Maybe the signs should read, only mannerly people allowed here.

  2. I agree. It’s maddening when it’s 9:00 or later and you see parents with screaming kids in a restaurant or store. I feel like asking them when their kid’s bedtime is. 9:00 is too late for little ones to be out, in my opinion.

  3. I believe I may have been slightly murky in my statement. I agree that it seems that society is increasingly trying to marginalize children and families, which is definitely messed up. I am however saying that I do not think it is unreasonable for a place like a restaurant to at least be able to request that parents and their children leave if the children are becoming excessively loud and/or obnoxious, tiny infants are of course not to be held accountable for their actions. By the time I personally was four years old I knew not to scream and holler any restaurant or supermarket because it might very well result in me getting nothing but a peanut butter sandwich for supper. I did not mean to imply that children should be excluded because of their age alone. Though as I said some establishments that serve alcohol may be less than comfortable with children present. I also agree that having small children out after nine o’clock in the evening makes no sense. Hopefully this debate will throw some light on the gaping hole that is sometimes left when teaching matters. I just think it is sad when my four-month-old golden retriever is better behaved than some people I’ve seen in various public places, child and adult alike.

  4. Thanks for stopping by during last week’s Freshly Pressed child bans blitz, and thanks for sharing the link to my blog here. I hope you’ll visit again!

    I hope that if I ever have children, I can have an adult conversation more than once a month, but perhaps that’s overly optimistic. If there were not such a thing as babysitters, I would certainly never contemplate having children. If I had not hated babysitting so much when I was a teenager, I think there’s a chance I could have been a mom by now, but I was seriously soured on kids back then…but I hear that some people like to take care of other people’s kids!!

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