Day 74: in praise of paper and glue

Dragon NaturallySpeaking
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I mentioned in my last post that I have just begun working with the newest version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, the speech recognition software I use to type most everything. Imagine my surprise when I went in search of the users guide, the only thing I came up with was a small trifolded piece of card stock, “the quick start guide.” Apparently the user manual and all its bulk (insert eye roll) has been mostly relegated to the status of a PDF file. I have Adobe Acrobat so actually being able to read it was not a problem, I can navigate hyperlinks with the best of them and better than some when called upon to do so, but that isn’t the point. My point, O gracious reader, is that a user manual should be a book , not a PDF file and certainly not a small piece of accordion folded card stock. The purpose of a user manual is so that the user can highlight and bookmark relevant passages as needed. I commend the people at Nuance for being more eco-friendly and expense cautious in this recession and this post is only a minor critique of an otherwise wonderful product. Even though I have a Kindle which I love dearly and use quite often sometimes there is still no substitute for increasingly old-fashioned ink, paper and glue.


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  1. Most user manuals (whether PDF or on paper) are completely useless or are written in such a way that they make things far more difficult than they actually are. At least that’s been my experience…

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