Day 76: of schooldays past

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How did you feel about the start of the school year growing up?

Prompt found at the National Blog Posting Month website.

My answer to this question is not exactly uniform. The reactions I had to the first day of school varied depending on how old I was. Before fourth grade I absolutely loved it, I couldn’t wait to see my friends again and compare notes about things that had happened over summer. Fourth-grade was a little awkward because I had to start a new school. I hated fifth-grade because the aid I had gotten along so well with the previous year had decided to become a kindergarten teacher and it was soon apparent that she had been replaced by the wicked witch of the East. I don’t think I had what most people would consider a summer break during middle school because I was homeschooled, we did summer things like swimming and cookouts and summer camp but learning did not cease just because the seasons saw fit to change. I went back to high school as the beginning of my sophomore year largely because I wanted to be able to experience a senior prom, I think that decision was simultaneously one of the best and worst I have ever made. High school was not as awful as fifth grade largely because I had a much better aid this time around but it was still socially awkward because I was one of the relatively few disabled students who attended all my classes with the general population of the student body.

I was told when I went to college they would be completely different from high school, strangely enough I found that statement to be true in some ways but not in others. It is true in college that people were no longer surprised that I was just as smart as everyone else. I made more friends in college but since leaving I have discovered that just like in high school most of them no longer make time for me. All in all the time spent in my schooling lacks the general nostalgic glow that a lot of people seem to feel when looking backwards at the point in their life. Sometimes I feel like asking for a do over, no one has answered me yet.


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