Day 77: Does the Tooth Fairy account for inflation?

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I lost my last baby tooth yesterday. You heard right… Yesterday. For the record I am 26 years old. I have the adult tooth that was supposed to replace it as well, instead of pushing baby tooth out it grew from the gum line above it. It will be interesting to see if it eventually moves into its proper position or if I’m going to have to go to a dentist to have it fixed right. I hope we can avoid the dentist trip because I am an absolute coward when it comes to dental work. I can make myself sit there was a massive effort of will, it also helps that I physically can’t run away screaming, if I could I suspect there would have been a couple times I would’ve had been dragged back into the building. Of course knowing my luck the tooth fairy isn’t doing much better than the rest of us in this recession.


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  1. I’m one of those odd people who would rather go to the dentist than the doctor. Hopefully you’ll be able to avoid the dentist!

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