Day 78: “Glee”… It’s about time


I was not remotely popular in high school, most people paid about as much attention to me as they did a piece of furniture. The one thing I could do was sing. It was what made me get up every day for three years in spite of the fact that the rest of my  experience sucked royal. My school had two levels of choir, general,which anyone could take as an elective, and show choir , which you had to try out for.  I never got in to show choir though I think that was because trying to work the choreography around my wheelchair would have been interesting to say the least. Even though we weren’t show choir level my class was just as eclectic. There was a guy who played street hockey on the same team as my younger sister. I think we actually had a couple football players too, if they weren’t on the team they could have been. The best first soprano we had was actually a guy who was developmentally disabled. He could get high enough to break glass if he wanted to and he was still on key. There was a girl with Down’s syndrome who couldn’t hold a note in a bucket but I believe she had us all beat in the enthusiasm  department

When the TV show Glee showed up I was  ecstatic. Finally a show that reflected pieces of my high school experience. I never got hit in the face with a slushy but then again my school didn’t have slushy machines. I do know that the show choir teacher who reminds me very much of Mr. Schuster physically picked up some kids who were making fun of me and throw them out of his class. I wasn’t actually in his class and he still took it that personal. The boy who played street hockey with my sister actually put several bruises on some guys who were badmouthing me, I think he may have even stuffed them into a locker.  I commend the writers for giving a voice to the marginalized portions of high school society. It occurs to me that our class president came out of show choir so maybe the L that everybody assumes stands for loser actually stands for leaders.


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  1. I liked your post, sounds like you guys were the real deal inspiration for Glee. Good luck with your other work too!

  2. why thank you, if I ever see Mr. Kelly (the show choir teacher) I will be sure to pass along the compliment. I’m sure he will be very flattered. 🙂

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