Day 80: I find this a little upsetting

In March of this year the Americans  With Disabilities Act underwent a rewrite, one that I personally feel to be wrong and unfair. The original wording of the definition of service animal said Amy animal trained to mitigate a person’s disability. The law now specifically states a dog, with limited provisions for miniature horses which can be trained to guide a blind person in a manner similar to a dog. There are quadriplegics who are severely impaired who use specially trained monkeys to assist them rather than dogs, what happens to those people? They depend on their monkeys just as much as those of us with service dogs rely on them. Sigh

For those who aren’t aware of my service dog blog may I present….Golddenway’s Gideon, 5 month old Golden Retriever, service dog prospect and all around super puppy.


3 thoughts on “Day 80: I find this a little upsetting

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  1. Well, that’s just ridiculous. *sigh* I could rant forever about laws and the state of politics nowadays, but I’ll keep quiet.

  2. What’s your service dog blog? I am dying to learn more about this whole topic from someone who’s involved with it.

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