Day 85: the continuing struggle for personal autonomy

Roadblock on Bridgeport Rd
Image by NecroRogIcon via Flickr

Several  weeks ago I wrote getting a portable word processor so I could write down story ideas wherever I found just like everyone else who can use a pencil and a napkin. Just as I feared it has been put off for months and I have been recently told that I will not be able to get it before the first of next month even though I am supposed to be able to dictate how my inheritance is spent. People have paid lip service to the fact that they wish me to be a reasonably autonomous adult, able to make my own decisions, have a steady income which is not state provided, pay my own bills, move out of my parents house etc. but when it comes to letting me take the baby steps to those goals it seems to be harder than pulling teeth for all the roadblocks put in my way by seemingly well-meaning family members. Insert silent scream here.


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  1. Rach, You know I love your Grandma, but, you are grown. Tell her and anyone else who cares to tell you what and when to do with your money that you’re”free, white, and over 21″. You are perfectly capable of making good choices about what to do with your money. If tyou’re still not being heard contact the man who helps manage it, he can almost certainly help you get sole control. Oh by the way have you figured out who I am yet?

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