Day 90: Story… Who are we to judge?

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I will be the first to admit that Stephen King is a talented writer even though I do not care for several things that he’s done, mostly because I’m a chicken and they scare me. I do like The Green Mile very much though I actually wrote a post should you care to read it.That being said I lost a little bit of respect for Mr. King when I read a comment that he made about the Twilight series in which he basically espoused the opinion that Stephanie Meyer, the author, wrote fluff. I like the Twilight books, it was possibly the first series my sister and I agreed on and was also probably one of the few she finished before me, a fact which she is proud of as seen by the epitaph written on the gift tag of my copies of the second and third book which I received a few Christmases ago, “finally a series I finished before you.”


It greatly disturbs me that one writer can so callously dismiss the work of another. Mr. King’s comment (which can be found in its entirety over at my friend’s blog Maggie Madly Writing in her Defense of Twilight post) compared the Twilight series to Harry Potter and cast Twilight in a distinctly unfavorable light.  I believe that was unfair, the stories the respective authors tell in both book series are completely different, comparing the two is comparing apples to oranges. I don’t know what kind of problem Stephen King has with Stephanie Meyer but I think you should just get over Stephen. I am sure she put as much effort into getting those books published as you have any of yours, if you can’t respect the writing respect the elbow grease.


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  1. I think it is not the problem he has with her, rather what he thinks of her writing and somehow feels obligated to share to HIS readers. True, we are in no capability to judge, but from a good and well known author who’s fans would listen to his comments, i’m sure he is saying it as an opinion to her books. Then again, she shouldnt care cause she has garnered her own readers hasnt she?

  2. ^Agreed. I don’t think Meyer can write well either, but she is a marketing genius. Maybe if the Twilight series spent a little more time with the editor, it would be darn good. But it didn’t. The characters are 2-dimensional, the writing spouts flowery prose everywhere, and the plot is chucked in at the last minute. What bothered me most about those books was that they had so much potential to be good.

  3. Meyer’s writing,though thousands are die hard fans, is mediocre at best. She her writing style seems to be aimed at preen-teens yet some of the subject matter is aimed at older teens and young adults. This does not mean it is a worthless read for those who like it. I’ve never seen a harlequin romance that was a great piece of work, but still they are well liked. Anyway, I can’t take edgy paranormal fiction seriously when I know a devout Moron wrote it. I know too much from my own experiences to really feel the characters are believable.

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