Darkroom Prints

It can be difficult to use speech recognition software.  This is especially true since most people in my house seem to think that because I keep my door open most of the time they are automatically issued an invitation to enter. The truth is I keep my door open most of the time because I can’t all when it from a closed position very easily. Sometimes they knock but refuse to wait for permission to enter before they have crossed the threshold.  I wonder whether they would respect the kind of light you find outside of a photographer’s darkroom , if the light is on do not enter.  I somehow doubt that even that would work, oh well . Good night John boy.


One thought on “Day 92: when your house resembles the Waltons…

  1. It irritates me to keep my door open because I never know when my brother might be sneaking up behind me. Luckily, my parents knock before the enter even if the door is open. But still… having the door shut makes me feel almost safer, in a strange way.

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