Day 94: what’s wrong with being an introvert?

Myers Briggs Personality Test
Image by jessica mullen via Flickr

I am a card-carrying introvert. For most of my life people have tried with varying degrees of success to change that. I agree that some of my introverted tendencies are less than desirable. Unlike some people I have met being in large crowds makes me uncomfortable unless I’m with someone I know, even if that someone is just my dog. I do not have a hearing problem so my discomfort is not for the exact reason that people who are hard of hearing sometimes have dislike for crowds. Somewhere in my subconscious I’m afraid that the crowd will somehow swallow me up and I will never see the other side. I also do not contribute to conversations unless I believe I have something significant to add unlike some people in my household who I believe  just like to hear themselves talk and don’t actually add anything of remote value to the discussion. So to all you extroverted people who get frustrated with my lack of verbosity when you first meet me do not fear, I have an opinion and if you’re patient you will probably hear it sooner than if you harass me about not talking. I will probably learn more about you than 10 min. of not talking then you will trying to get me to talk unsuccessfully for 20 min.

Note: these are Not my results shown in the picture. I have yet to take that test.


2 thoughts on “Day 94: what’s wrong with being an introvert?

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  1. I’m exactly the same way. I don’t understand how people can just babble on and on without saying something of substance. I only talk when I have something to say that’s actually important or worthy of being said. People tend to think I’m unfriendly or aloof or whatever… but I’ve stopped caring about what they think.

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