Day 103: I miss black coffee

Coffee LOL

I don’t drink coffee myself though everyone else in my family does. I prefer to drink Dr. Pepper or sweet tea. We didn’t used to have an issue with sugar spontaneously disappearing overnight because thankfully the majority of my family prefers their coffee black. If we ran out of sugar I was aware of it because most of the time I had used the last of it. However since we have had roommates this has not been the case because they like sugar with their coffee. It is vastly frustrating to go to bed with enough sugar for tea the next morning and then wake up to find that said substance has already been appropriated for coffee and there is no more. Silent, mental scream, okay I promise I’m done now.


Day 102: pizza sandwiches

Image by jeffk via Flickr

What’s best between two pieces of bread?

When my mother was enlisted in the Army it fell largely to my dad to play Mr. mom. To quote an episode  NCIS he was a “domesticated househusband“. At that time we had a sandwich press and one of my favorite afterschool snacks was a pizza sandwich.  They’re not difficult to make, your basic sandwich is spaghetti sauce a slice of cheese  and three minutes in the press. If  you don’t have sliced cheese grated works just as well and you can even add any of your other favorite toppings to taste. Who  needs delivery?


Monsters are real and ghosts are real too and sometimes they win

Stephen King

Anybody who knows me very well will probably tell you that Criminal Minds is one of my favorite television shows. The more I think about it I realized that it could very easily be obvious to strangers considering that I named my golden retriever after one of the main characters. I’m currently engaging in a game of catch-up to the current season and the above quote was used as the closing line in an episode. We are all faced with personal monsters and ghosts every single day. The skeletons in our closets which we try valiantly to bury in the darkest recesses of our brains jump out with macabre parodies of happiness when we least expect them. Perhaps this is the real reason so many people celebrate versions of Halloween. If we can make fun of something then perhaps it is not as bad as we originally thought. Perhaps if we laugh and smile at those things which we are afraid of maybe we can make ourselves believe that the abyss into which we find ourselves staring won’t link back, that may be the greatest fairy tale of them all.

Day 100: I should have taken the Arby’s

Hot and sour soup
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Yesterday my caregiver treated mom and I to Chinese food. On the way there she asked if we would rather go to Arby’s for roast beef sandwiches. I now know we should have taken the roast beef. Not only was the service horrible and the wait staff rude, the food was definitely not anywhere near as good as advertised. To make matters worse something I ate definitely does not agree with me and I will probably be taking a lot of Imodium for the next couple of days. Yep I definitely think next time I will go for the roast beef especially since they didn’t have hot and sour soup at all which I think is my favorite Chinese dish to have during winter.

Day 99: my reluctant acceptance of sheep… What a difference a friend makes

Shetland sheep at Church Farm Rare Breeds Centre
Image via Wikipedia not our sheep

I think I was somewhere around 14 years old when my mom decided to raise Shetland sheep as a hobby. For those of you who didn’t know that some breeds of farm animals are on the endangered species list yes, they too qualify. Shetland sheep come from the same island as Shetland ponies and just like the ponies are much smaller then horses Shetland sheep are much smaller than your average sheep.  Keep in mind that a sheep raised by a kid in the 4-H can easily grow to be the same weight as the child’s father. Those sheep are breeds which are historically raised for meat. By comparison a Shetland when full grown  will probably weigh about the same  as a Labrador and are traditionally raised for their wool or fleece . When mom first started this endeavor I was not particularly happy and that’s an understatement. I didn’t see what the big attraction was and even though I didn’t necessarily want  the breed to die out I didn’t see why she had to get involved. I was afraid that if she became involved with them that my quality time with her would disappear. Somewhere within the first or second year we had them we were at the State Fair where we met a guy about four years older them me who was also there with his sheep. Robert (not his real name) became my moms sheep mentor, because even though he was closer to my age then hers he still had more experience with sheep then her. At first I will admit to being more than a little bit jealous of the boy, he and mom  routinely discussed sheep related topics for several hours on the phone. It wasn’t until  the next state fair when Robert left half a pen full of   unsheared sheep to push my manual chair around the fairgrounds that things change. I swear he may be the major reason I managed to graduate high school with a regular diploma because without him I sincerely doubt I could have passed the math competency test that I was required to take in order to graduate with a standard diploma. He was the first person to teach me how to be an effective self advocate with my high school and later college faculty. At one point he actually bought a truck almost solely on the criteria of whether the bed could transport my motorized chair. It was not uncommon for him to call me and tell me that he would take me out to lunch for no particular reason other than he could. His health has taken a downturn and he can no longer drive and is largely wheelchair-bound when he’s not in bed. Don’t ever think Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted tick fever can’t get you, they can. He taught me a lot, not the least of which is that lambs are awesomely cute.

Day 98: a.m. blues or why the Notre Dame marching band rocks my socks

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Yes I realize rocks my socks is kind of a silly phrase but it is one of the many things I picked up from my college roomie over at In Case Of Use  Stairs. Anyone who went to college with me can probably tell you that I was never particularly enthusiastic about the football program much to some people’s chagrin. That being said I have a great appreciation for marching band as both my sister and one of my uncles participated in it during high school. Okay technically my sister was colorguard but it counts because they were  hand in glove with the band. A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of this YouTube video yesterday morning when my antidepressants were slow to kick in. The artist is a group is OK Go and far as I know that really is the Notre Dame’s marching band. Happy Friday folks and remember: This Too Shall Pass.

Day 97: why I am sometimes afraid to write

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My life and the things that happen in it are probably dull as glue to most people outside of my family. There is however a reason I keep this blog public. I am terribly shy most of the time. If I don’t have the courage to write down (at least some) details of my relatively boring day-to-day existence how will I ever gather up the courage to send a completed manuscript to a complete stranger? If I cannot take the opposing views of others in stride on my personal blog, how well will I deal with the rejection slips that I know the mail carrier will bring eventually? I consider this blog a test run, an exercise from which I hope to develop a thicker skin when it comes to criticism. So far it seems to be working

Day 96: death and those who choose to wield it

A Song of Ice and Fire
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In answer to a post prompt earlier this week yes, I believe in the occasional use of the death penalty.How I came to hold this belief has been fodder for several posts already and therefore I will save you a recap of the details. It is sufficient to say that I have held this belief for a very long time. I also believe that if you feel justified enough to sentence someone to die you should have enough conviction to watch it as it happens. Perhaps if you don’t that person should not have died. That is paraphrasing a sentence from the Song of Fire and Ice books written by George RR Martin. Even though the books are set in a medieval fantasy culture I think it is one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever heard.