Day 103: I miss black coffee

Coffee LOL

I don’t drink coffee myself though everyone else in my family does. I prefer to drink Dr. Pepper or sweet tea. We didn’t used to have an issue with sugar spontaneously disappearing overnight because thankfully the majority of my family prefers their coffee black. If we ran out of sugar I was aware of it because most of the time I had used the last of it. However since we have had roommates this has not been the case because they like sugar with their coffee. It is vastly frustrating to go to bed with enough sugar for tea the next morning and then wake up to find that said substance has already been appropriated for coffee and there is no more. Silent, mental scream, okay I promise I’m done now.


3 thoughts on “Day 103: I miss black coffee

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  1. I love the taste of coffee, but I can only have decaf. Caffeine and my body don’t really get along too well…

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