day 110: Thanksgiving aftermath and other things you didn’t know about until just now

Thanksgiving Turkey
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I’ve been meaning to write this for a few days now but have gotten routinely sidetracked. This is one of the few Thanksgivings where a turkey was eaten instead of a ham.Anybody who knows much about our family knows that this almost borders on sacrilege. The other major difference was that I actually got to spend some time with a person who is not either living here  and or  related to me . It was pleasant to say the least , turkey notwithstanding. That having been said I am well aware that some people reading this know me well enough to automatically start thinking of playing 20 questions. Yes you are entitled, eventually just not right now. I promise you will know when it is okay. This month seems to have been one for unexpected things falling in our laps, both positive and negative. Hopefully the person who decided to walk into my life just is a very important one exited will decide to stay for a while, at least I hope so.


Day 109:College revisited….the good parts anyway

I recently heard Katy Perry’s Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) and burst out laughing. To the best of my knowledge there were never any warrants out for my arrest but every time I’ve stayed at a Days Inn since then I can’t help but smile. Many things have changed in the intervening years but in spite of everything I wouldn’t trade those Fridays for anything. Now for your semi regular dose of Glee fandom.

Last Friday Night Glee Style

This line is a prompt only. As far as I’m aware I’m perfectly healthy and will live long past the next decade.

If you only had 10 more years to live, would you do anything differently?

Hell yes. For one thing I would be on the next plane to Istanbul Turkey the second my passport was official. I wouldn’t stay forever but definitely several months and deal with the chewing out about terrorism and Islamic extremist that I would get from my grandma later. I refuse to leave this planet without ever getting a hug from one of the most considerate people I’ve ever met, even if he is halfway across the world. I would definitely not be living in this house much longer I will tell you that  for sure.  And as much as I hate the cold I would probably go spend a few Christmases in places where they actually have a white Christmason a regular basis. I might actually attempt to get into ice skates again something I had done since kindergarten. I’d go see the original Starry Night, visit Italy and the leaning tower of  Pisa .Who knows, maybe that magic fountain really does work?

Istanbul, Turkey
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Day 107: missing man formation, or what I meant to say

Flight FormationI never intended to stay for the service last night, apparently life had other plans though and I  did. I never intended to speak up either but I did that too. I didn’t cry nearly as much as I originally was afraid I would but it was enough that I didn’t get to say some of what I had planned. When I was little and he and the two other guys used to pick me up off the bus I got asked if they were my older brothers. My answer was “no I should be so lucky.” Being adopted means that your whole life is a testament to the phrase “love is thicker than blood.” That’s what his life and death was, all the people there, ones not tied by legal or blood ties were either his children or siblings as far as his heart  was concerned. We should all be so lucky to have that much of our family mourn us. We are all luckier still if we are aware of these ties before we die, everybody should know how important they are to someone’s life. To his daughters, because I’m pretty certain you’ll read this: I watched you grow up, both of you, and as someone else said before me I stand in amazement of the young people  you are now and the women you’re growing to be. You are your father’s daughters in all the best ways possible. You girls (and I’m including your mother in this) know how to contact me if you need anything. Remember that you will never be crossing that bridge alone, we are all here to help in any way we possibly can.


I’ll admit today has not been my best day…I’m going to say goodbye to Kurby later and I’m sure I’m gonna cry some but I think I won’t cry half as much as I thought now.This youtube video was posted on face book.

True story One day a son asks his father: “Daddy, will you run the marathon with me?” The father answers yes and both run their first marathon together. One day, the son asks his father if he wants to run the marathon with him again and the father answers yes. They both run the marathon together again. Then one day the son asks his father: “Daddy, will you run the Ironman with me?” (the Ironman is the toughest…it requires a 4km swim, 180km biking and 42km running). The father says yes again. This all sounds easy…but check this video.

Day 105: Aftermath

Gorbag in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of...
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Before anyone asks, no, I’m not ok. I will be though. Kurby was never one for tears,I only cried twice today so I think I’m doing ok. He must have decided that the after life had a nasty infestation of Orcs and he JUST COULDN’T sit by and let them stage a coup! Give some good whacks for me.If you can hold the off back up will be there eventually I promise. It’ll take a while but I’ll come running and between us even the Red Names won’t stand a chance.

Day 104: Reqiuem

Yellow Rose of Texas
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Today a light went out. A dear family friend passed on this morning. Kurby Owens is survived by his wife Sondra and his two daughters Danielle and Delaney. He will be remembered as a steadfast and loyal friend and a loving father. You will be missed greatly. You gave me the gift of a body that works even if it is pixelated and only exists within a computer generated world. You gave me the ability to dance and  I will never be able to thank you for. I love you and I will miss you for the rest of my life.