Day 107: missing man formation, or what I meant to say

Flight FormationI never intended to stay for the service last night, apparently life had other plans though and I  did. I never intended to speak up either but I did that too. I didn’t cry nearly as much as I originally was afraid I would but it was enough that I didn’t get to say some of what I had planned. When I was little and he and the two other guys used to pick me up off the bus I got asked if they were my older brothers. My answer was “no I should be so lucky.” Being adopted means that your whole life is a testament to the phrase “love is thicker than blood.” That’s what his life and death was, all the people there, ones not tied by legal or blood ties were either his children or siblings as far as his heart  was concerned. We should all be so lucky to have that much of our family mourn us. We are all luckier still if we are aware of these ties before we die, everybody should know how important they are to someone’s life. To his daughters, because I’m pretty certain you’ll read this: I watched you grow up, both of you, and as someone else said before me I stand in amazement of the young people  you are now and the women you’re growing to be. You are your father’s daughters in all the best ways possible. You girls (and I’m including your mother in this) know how to contact me if you need anything. Remember that you will never be crossing that bridge alone, we are all here to help in any way we possibly can.


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