Thanksgiving Turkey
Image by Jim, the Photographer via Flickr

I’ve been meaning to write this for a few days now but have gotten routinely sidetracked. This is one of the few Thanksgivings where a turkey was eaten instead of a ham.Anybody who knows much about our family knows that this almost borders on sacrilege. The other major difference was that I actually got to spend some time with a person who is not either living here  and or  related to me . It was pleasant to say the least , turkey notwithstanding. That having been said I am well aware that some people reading this know me well enough to automatically start thinking of playing 20 questions. Yes you are entitled, eventually just not right now. I promise you will know when it is okay. This month seems to have been one for unexpected things falling in our laps, both positive and negative. Hopefully the person who decided to walk into my life just is a very important one exited will decide to stay for a while, at least I hope so.


One thought on “day 110: Thanksgiving aftermath and other things you didn’t know about until just now

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