Day 115:Brothers

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‘ I’ve known my oldest friend since I was 4 years old. If ever there was a case of head over heels blind hero worship that was it. I was 4 and he was 15. From the time we met I was the little tag along shadow to him and his friend Jesse whenever the three of us were at the same place. Actually perhaps it would be more more accurate to describe me as a benign and well loved growth due to the fact that at the age of four I wasn’t anywhere near able to walk and had to be carried if I wasn’t in my chair. I freely admit to the probability that those boys spoiled me to the best of their teenage ability. In return I forgave them anything, including but not limited to, the fact that they spun me around in an office chair until the g force nearly sent me flying and I threw up on them. We’re all grown up now and I’m proud of them beyond measure. Jesse has got his Doctorate in music. A Doctorate! You could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard that.

Corey was a medic in the Army for a while and is now a police officer in a small town. He loves his job and because he does I try not to panic every day. Small town or not, police work isn’t exactly hazard free. To him, I will always be his trooper, the girl who broke her legs, narrowly missed breaking her neck and instead of complaining about pain was upset because I was going to miss supper. Three days later I was saying “let’s do that again, minus the flipped cart.” He laughed. We haven’t always been in the same state but we’ve always been there for each other, even if it was only telephone. I have said many times that a lot of my life is unfair . In this case I think I got luckier than I derserve. Those guys are two of my life’s big biggest blessings.


Day 114: of siblings who aren’t and other things I wish

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It should be stated for  that I have no biological brothers, just one younger sister who I am ridiculously proud of. That having been said I have told people I have had brothers for years, and I never lie about family at least. Most of my brothers are significantly older than me but that there is very little to do with anything. They have always been there for the important things and whenever I needed them come running (sometimes literally). I was there to hold one’s firstborn, I will see two married in the reasonably near future and unfortunately I recently said goodbye to one. I love my siblings with all my heart and  this Christmas, when everything is still leaner than anybody likes, all I want for Christmas is a group hug.


Day 113: writing, solitude, and two Zoobie pets

In response to this blog post I decided to write this one. I don’t often get the time for uninterrupted writing hence the sometimes sporadic nature of my posting. On the relatively rare occasions I do get a significant amount of time to write I do have company, oftentimes in the form of my eight month old giant of a golden retriever Gideon but when he decides to take a break from being my muse to eat I have  Wyatt the Wolf and Hadda the Hippo for company. Both are stuffed toys made by a company based out of Utah called Zoobie. I’m almost 27 and I still have stuff toys, so sue me if my inner child still get a say.  These are stuffed toys with purpose. They are meant to be the perfect multifunctional travel  companion for children. Yes, they are stuffed toys but, if you undo the Velcro tabs that hold  their legs underneath them they flatten out to become the perfect travel size pillow. They even have a zipper compartment with a blanket inside which will cover a child, or a small adult in my case completely. The best car  buddy ever in my opinion especially since the blanket stays attached it to the  toy. I am a reasonably small person and because I don’t  move around like an able-bodied person they really come in handy. If I had to recommend just one toy to get  a child for Christmas these are it. They even have  little small ones with teething rings for babies.

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What’s tougher: living with someone messy or noisy?

I wish that I was only aware of one side of this coin but unfortunately I live with people who are both messy and noisy. I have introverted tendencies and so the noise drives me nuts… Especially Sunday football games. I can never seem to escape a headache by the end of whatever game happens to be played. The only football game I ever will willingly watch is the Super Bowl or the game we plan on seeing if my friends from Turkey make it over to the states at some point. I also happen to live with people who for some reason seem to have issues when it comes to picking up after themselves. I have a motorized wheelchair folks things left on the floor generally tend to get sucked up into it much like a vacuum cleaner. The chair is much more expensive to fix than a malfunctioning vacuum cleaner and it takes months for any replacement parts to come in… All I’m asking is that you pick up your toys after you’re done playing with them. Is that so difficult? Prompt courtesy of

Day 111: Curiouser And Curiouser or sometimes having a friend with a big mouth is a good thing

This month seems to be trying to make up for last month’s craziness. It’s still crazy but at least it’s upbeat and not sad. I never thought I would actually thank someone for having a big mouth and not being able to keep a secret but it appears thanks are in order. If someone had not opened their mouth and told me something that they weren’t necessarily supposed to it is very likely I would have missed out on something. I will admit to being one is a little blindsided because the information came completely out of left field but after I got over 90% of the shock that led to a conversation and who knows where that conversation will cause me to end up but life seems to have just gotten a little more interesting for me. Thanks a lot and no he’s not upset with you for telling on him.

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