day 112: can we please flip a coin?

Two x Two Faces
Image by JD Hancock via Flickr

What’s tougher: living with someone messy or noisy?

I wish that I was only aware of one side of this coin but unfortunately I live with people who are both messy and noisy. I have introverted tendencies and so the noise drives me nuts… Especially Sunday football games. I can never seem to escape a headache by the end of whatever game happens to be played. The only football game I ever will willingly watch is the Super Bowl or the game we plan on seeing if my friends from Turkey make it over to the states at some point. I also happen to live with people who for some reason seem to have issues when it comes to picking up after themselves. I have a motorized wheelchair folks things left on the floor generally tend to get sucked up into it much like a vacuum cleaner. The chair is much more expensive to fix than a malfunctioning vacuum cleaner and it takes months for any replacement parts to come in… All I’m asking is that you pick up your toys after you’re done playing with them. Is that so difficult? Prompt courtesy of


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