Day 125: Where is G.I. Jane?

Something dawned on me today. Women have served in the Armed Forces alongside men for years. If the flesh and blood, real bullets military allows women soldiers why are the makers of G.I. Joe still behind the curve? I grew up on an Army base and hated Barbie much to my younger sister's confusion. Hate... Continue Reading →

Day 124: To delete or not to delete….that is the question

While surfing another blog site I frequent I came across this post and it made me think. I don't delete my blog posts or comments. I have several defunct blogs on other sites that stand as a now mute testament of my refusalĀ  to delete. I also don't delete the comments of those who happen... Continue Reading →

Day 122 :the technology bound writer

A blinking cursor and a blank page:the bane of all writers. So when all else fails write about the blinking cursor. Most writers have had the option of using a simple pencil and spiral notebook at some point. I have never had that option. My handwriting (if somebody feels kind enough to describe the graphite... Continue Reading →

Day121:Your kid has a what?

At what age do you think it's appropriate for children to get cell phones? Prompt found at Plinky . I was in college when I got my first cell phone. I haven't personally had a cell for several years because of this screwed up economy but when I did I paid my own bill. My... Continue Reading →

Day 119: and then there was…

On May 20, 1985 I came into the world for better, worse, or somewhere in between I don't think the Universe has decided yet. I read something today that struck a chord. In the past I have been known to edit myself in my writing afraid that people I knew would see it and feel... Continue Reading →

Day 118: Internal slug repellant

The past few years can be summed up in one word...stressful. I am starting to realize that some of that has to with my reactions to other people. I live with some very annoying people but the things that annoy me about them probably won't change any time soon. So instead of getting upset about... Continue Reading →

Day 117: waiting is the hardest part

Sitting on my nightstand is a Christmas card with a picture of a German Shepherd laying in the snow.A simple card to mean as much as it does. IĀ  see a promise not of something perfect because nothing ever is but of something that could be great in spite of the imperfections. There are some... Continue Reading →

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