Day 118: Internal slug repellant

English: Picture of a slug taken in Fremont, C...
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The past few years can be summed up in one word…stressful. I am starting to realize that some of that has to with my reactions to other people. I live with some very annoying people but the things that annoy me about them probably won’t change any time soon. So instead of getting upset about things that won’t change no matter what I do. I resolve to redirect that energy that would otherwise be wasted in pointless anger into being supportive of those who are actually trying to change their lives for the better. In this new world that is mine I will not give a second thought to those people who let me down.Instead I will smile (even if it looks manic sometime) because I will get out of here and when I do I will shake the dust and the slug people off my feet and never look back.


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