Day121:Your kid has a what?

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At what age do you think it’s appropriate for children to get cell phones?

Prompt found at Plinky .

I was in college when I got my first cell phone. I haven’t personally had a cell for several years because of this screwed up economy but when I did I paid my own bill. My younger sister only got a cell phone when she got a job so she could pay for it herself. We were never given one. Today I’ve seen second graders with them.I admit there is a logic to”latch key”  children having them as a safety measure that makes sense. What will never make any sense is a child who isn’t even in kindergarten but has a cell phone . I’m not talking about a plastic toy they insist on carrying to be just like mom and dad. I mean a real, pay the bill every month, cell phone. I personally know a three year old who has one. Three, really?! If people think my generation has entitlement issues they have no idea what’s coming. If this recession has no lasting positive effect other than to break this trend I will consider the hardship worthwhile


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  1. I only got a cell phone recently. I don’t think anyone younger than 14 should have one. It’s just too much for a kid… and a three-year-old having a cell phone is just insane. I do understand the safety purpose of it, but what did we do before there were cell phones? I think we survived pretty well.

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