Day 122 :the technology bound writer

Traveler's Notebook Starbucking

A blinking cursor and a blank page:the bane of all writers. So when all else fails write about the blinking cursor. Most writers have had the option of using a simple pencil and spiral notebook at some point. I have never had that option. My handwriting (if somebody feels kind enough to describe the graphite squiggles that somehow appear instead of the script I wish I could manage. So the blinking cursor has been my personal for longer than most. The cursor appears to be taunting me, laughing at my more than occasional bouts of writer’s block, I suppose for someone who writes on pen and paper a blank page is just as bad but somehow a computer cursor seems to almost develop a personality, one that seems to reflect the tone of the writing itself.  Then again, it is quite possible that I just spend too much time with text documents open on the screen.



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