Keep = delete
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While surfing another blog site I frequent I came across this post and it made me think. I don’t delete my blog posts or comments. I have several defunct blogs on other sites that stand as a now mute testament of my refusal  to delete. I also don’t delete the comments of those who happen to disagree with the opinions I may express in my posts. I firmly believe that world would be a lot saner if we all learned the art of civil disagreement. I have written a few posts, like this one which have resulted in disagreements but all parties remained reasonably  civil. By civil I mean that  there were no four letter words exchanged.


2 thoughts on “Day 124: To delete or not to delete….that is the question

  1. I don’t delete any kind of comments either. But I do delete entire blogs when I get tired of them or when I don’t want the information online anymore.

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