Day 127: Hope is….

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Hope is a Greyhound bus ticket. Yes, I really said Greyhound. I saw that reflexive wince at the thought of interstate bus travel, trust me the fact that I won’t be able to even stand up to stretch like most able bodied people can is not lost on me by any means. I don’t really care. This trip is about a lot more than just a change of scenery. For me, this trip is a step on a path that could very well be the best thing I’ve ever done with my adult life. That idea itself is a little scary, but the most important things often are. College was scary and did not turn out anywhere close to the way I’d wish but it was still very important. The biggest thing I took away from college was that I am an adult who can make my own choices no matter how uncomfortable others might be with them. I’m not sure that I would have realized that quite as effectively without having been to college. When you reach the edge of what you know sometimes you must step into the unknown and hope there is solid ground. Even if there isn’t perhaps you will learn to fly.


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