Day 131: Me and Red Pollard

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I happened to see the last thirty minutes of the movie Seabiscuit today. I am a horse person and since I realize that not everyone who reads my blog is one I will explain the movie a bit. The movie is about an underdog horse and his jockey who raced during the Depression. The  horse was too small for a racehorse, Red Pollard(his jockey) was half blind  Because of his ‘5″7 height many people thought he had no business on a racehorse. For a bit of perspective consider this: a tall jockey is ‘5 “3. The horse’s owners lost almost everything in the Depression, it’s an underdog story all the way around. At some point during his career Red suffered a fall from a runaway colt he was working for a friend. One of his legs was broken in eleven places. I originally saw Seabiscuit well before I broke my legs, now I cringe with empathy when that part comes up, my three breaks were bad enough,  I can’t imagine healing eleven in a time period before they used metal to reinforce healing bones. Red raced again against everybody’s expectations. For refusing to give in in the face of life’s multiple monkey wrenches Red Pollard and Seabiscuit’s owners are some of my heroes.


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