Day 140: C’mon folks we’re all adults here right?

Diversity (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was browsing through the blogs I read when I came across something sad. Some of the blogs I  read are more personal, some are more topic centered and some are somewhere in between. I read Courage 2 Create to remind myself that’s ok for life to get in the way of writing sometimes, my life does that a lot. Recently the author of the aforementioned blog suffered discrimination because of something which had nothing to with his ability to write. (He was asking to be a guest blogger , the link is to the post on his blog,it gives more details.) I understand that is a blog keepers personal choice who to allow to write guest posts and whether or not to allow guests at all. I can only assume that this blog has had guest bloggers before .though I’m not exactly sure since Ollin has more class  then to trash this person  and her blog in his. If, for some strange reason, something I write here prompts you to want to write a longer response than can fit in the comments section feel free to ask to guest post. I will be putting up a Non-Discrimination Policy Page to Writer’s Desk and Gideon’s Golden Way soon because, no matter if anyone chooses to use the opportunity discrimination is wrong  and if my small stand against makes a difference then I’m happy.


Day 139:Spring Loaded Wednesday Hodgepodge

Česky: Hrací kovová spirála English: Metal sli...
Česky: Hrací kovová spirála English: Metal slinky. Français : Slinky métallique. Español: Slinky metálico. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. The first day of spring is here…do you enjoy working in the yard? Weeding, raking, mowing, planting-your favorite springtime garden chore? How about your least favorite? I don’t keep a garden but when my mom did I used to love turning the ground over with the little hand rake to count worms.

2. What puts a spring in your step? Slinkys …..yes I do mean the toy…..I am convinced that lambs are born with them attached to their feet.
3. Describe a time when you had to spring into action?When I was in college one of my history teachers had a seizure in class….we all had to spring into action then….happily nobody lost their cool. I think we all felt like superheros  for a while.
4. We’re having carrots for dinner…would you prefer yours raw or cooked?
Raw with either Ranch or Blue Cheese salad dressing.
5. Do you take the shampoos and other sundries from your hotel room when its time to check out? Guilty “poses for mug shot.”
6. What’s the most enjoyable team or club you0’ve belonged to and what was it that made it so? I was a 4-H kid and there is a sub group of us that played what amounts to horse related Jeopardy! In spite of my slower reflexes I  kicked butt. I was the one  who was always good for any obscure last minute saves required to win. It was awesome.
7. Is cloning a sign of progress? The only thing that comes to mind is the saying “absolute power corrupts absolutely” Honestly the issues raised by cloning scare me a lot.

8. Remember when I said I was taking a break to take a trip?  Perhaps I should have said “relocate” though  I maintain it was not my intent to run away from home quite yet….but I got here and just couldn’t leave. Insert sappy smile here.

Day 138: The things that shine

Taylor Swift at the 2010 Time 100.
Taylor Swift at the 2010 Time 100. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s  amazing what or who a song can prompt you to think about. I have also found it to be true that an artist  you are pretty sure you can’t stand will often come up with a song that you like.  Enter my relationship with Taylor Swift.I like country music just not hers……. usually. Then I  heard “Ours”, it’s a sappy us against the world type love song and I fell for it. No surprise when you consider I changed zip codes and states as soon as I could to be with my boyfriend.

What did surprise me is that as I was listening  to the song in one tab and perusing Facebookin another I happened to see my friend Sondra’s profile picture and almost cried.For  those of you who may be confused let me explain. Sondra was married to my dad’s best friend Kurby, who passed away suddenly several months ago. Seeing her profile picture changed to a solo shot without Kurby was like skipping a step walking down stairs and  having to catch myself. At that moment I realized the song applied to them too. There is a line in the song, “…. people throw rocks at the the things that shine….”. I hope no one ever threw rocks  at them. They did shine together, brighter than anybody I know

Day 137 :side effects of 12 hour shifts…even when YOU aren’t working them

Wolf Moon on cold winter night
Wolf Moon on cold winter night (Photo credit: Andreas Kusumahadi)

People who know me from Tennessee would probably agree that I had the makings of a night owl to start with. Living with a boyfriend who works 7 to 7 has made it official I think.  The dog is fine…. housemates take him out as needed though as soon as I can get my power chair here I  will.  On the days the boyfriend works I’m up at 5 and don’t really sleep until he comes home the next morning. On his off days I keep more or less “normal” hours. I’m pretty sure Gideon is still assured I am still human

Day 136 :Explanations and the story of a unicorn

The Unicorn Is Penned, Unicorn Tapestries, c. ...
Image via Wikipedia

I think this whole trip/relocation is the scariest thing I’ve ever done with my life to date.It’s also the single best thing I ever done I know it probably sounds cliche as heck but I finally feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be in my life. It’s not your average life….four adults a cat dog and a bird and all the stuff involved with one of us being disabled. I’m starting to learn bus schedules….something I’ve never really done because of the hit or miss nature of Tennessee public transit. I love the fact that there are sidewalks here…..they aren’t everywhere  this  is true but they’ve got  Tennessee beat without trying very hard at all.

The thing I love most  though is kisses when I wake  up and before  he leaves for work and when he comes home. Those and  all of the small things in between are the things that make me smile every day.  The unicorn I wear originally belonged to John’s mom which is what still has me stunned…..that is one thing that isn’t given lightly  and the fact that I’m somehow that special is absolutely amazing to me.

Day 135 : Tattoos, Jewelry, and Rocky and Bullwinkle

Fractured Fairy Tales
Fractured Fairy Tales (Photo credit: CalamityJon)

I have  a similar opinion of jewelry and tattoos.  Love the tattoo beyond a shadow of a doubt or don’t get it. If it doesn’t mean something to you don’t get it. As far as jewelry goes I’m a minimalist.If you don’t love it don’t wear it if it doesn’t mean something don’t wear it. Which brings  up the two necklaces I wear. Both were gifts.  I don’t cry over gifts often and I  did with both these.  The unicorn on a black cord had me poleaxed though.  I have never been given something that meant so much to another person. Disney fairy tales don’t exist and happily ever afters are hard work. I am not perfect, far from  it. Because of my disability I  have been known to refer myself as “high maintenance by default.” Every day when I wake up I look over and remind myself how lucky I am and remind myself that nothing worth having is easy. So here’s to fractured fairy tales and building my own happily ever after.

Day 134: Guess What?

canada geese
canada geese (Photo credit: JustABoy)

I am in Ohio. I am in the same freaking zip code as my boyfriend….. in the same house even. All I  have to say is thank God(dess) it took bloody long enough! I haven’t stopped smiling yet. For anybody who also reads Gideon’s blog he’s with me and has been really good in the face of everything new. Our backyard is a lake…seriously and it’s absolutely beautiful. There are Canada geese there right now. One of the things I love the most is the bus system….much larger than in Tennessee. As far as John himself….words fail…  it is not exactly easy to be in a relationship with me because of my disability and there is definitely a learning curve     involved and  he hasn’t flinched. Rachel is a happy girl.