Day 136 :Explanations and the story of a unicorn

The Unicorn Is Penned, Unicorn Tapestries, c. ...
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I think this whole trip/relocation is the scariest thing I’ve ever done with my life to date.It’s also the single best thing I ever done I know it probably sounds cliche as heck but I finally feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be in my life. It’s not your average life….four adults a cat dog and a bird and all the stuff involved with one of us being disabled. I’m starting to learn bus schedules….something I’ve never really done because of the hit or miss nature of Tennessee public transit. I love the fact that there are sidewalks here…..they aren’t everywhere  this  is true but they’ve got  Tennessee beat without trying very hard at all.

The thing I love most  though is kisses when I wake  up and before  he leaves for work and when he comes home. Those and  all of the small things in between are the things that make me smile every day.  The unicorn I wear originally belonged to John’s mom which is what still has me stunned…..that is one thing that isn’t given lightly  and the fact that I’m somehow that special is absolutely amazing to me.


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