Day 139:Spring Loaded Wednesday Hodgepodge

Česky: Hrací kovová spirála English: Metal sli...
Česky: Hrací kovová spirála English: Metal slinky. Français : Slinky métallique. Español: Slinky metálico. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. The first day of spring is here…do you enjoy working in the yard? Weeding, raking, mowing, planting-your favorite springtime garden chore? How about your least favorite? I don’t keep a garden but when my mom did I used to love turning the ground over with the little hand rake to count worms.

2. What puts a spring in your step? Slinkys …..yes I do mean the toy…..I am convinced that lambs are born with them attached to their feet.
3. Describe a time when you had to spring into action?When I was in college one of my history teachers had a seizure in class….we all had to spring into action then….happily nobody lost their cool. I think we all felt like superheros  for a while.
4. We’re having carrots for dinner…would you prefer yours raw or cooked?
Raw with either Ranch or Blue Cheese salad dressing.
5. Do you take the shampoos and other sundries from your hotel room when its time to check out? Guilty “poses for mug shot.”
6. What’s the most enjoyable team or club you0’ve belonged to and what was it that made it so? I was a 4-H kid and there is a sub group of us that played what amounts to horse related Jeopardy! In spite of my slower reflexes I  kicked butt. I was the one  who was always good for any obscure last minute saves required to win. It was awesome.
7. Is cloning a sign of progress? The only thing that comes to mind is the saying “absolute power corrupts absolutely” Honestly the issues raised by cloning scare me a lot.

8. Remember when I said I was taking a break to take a trip?  Perhaps I should have said “relocate” though  I maintain it was not my intent to run away from home quite yet….but I got here and just couldn’t leave. Insert sappy smile here.


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